Scarsdale Diet with diet pills

Some people combine the Scarsdale Diet with diet pills (particularly Hoodia), the pills are used to suppress appetite. Taking diet pills whilst doing this diet may have been beneficial for some people but you should consider this very carefully before deciding to take this course of action. You should always consult a qualified medical professional before commencing any weight loss program, do you think doctor is going to recommend you to buy diet pills from the internet?

Some websites claim that taking diet pills is the best, or even 'correct', way to do the Scarsdale Diet but there is no mention of taking diet pills in the book. Hoodia and other diet pills or appetite suppressants are unnecessary due to the very nature of the Scarsdale Diet, and other high protein diets. because it's protein that signals to your brain that you're no longer hungry.

Even is there was a magic pill that could enable people to lose weight, taking it would only be a temporary solution – any weight loss program that doesn't include method to deal with why the weight was gained in the first place is a waste of time. Many people lose weight by dieting, and nearly as many put the weight back on again – what's the point of all the stress of dieting if there's a very good chance that you'll put the weight back on?

No diet pills necessary with the Scarsdale Diet

If you actually knew why you put weight on and why certain foods lead to weight gain (it's not about calories) it would be much easier to avoid the foods that are the problem and actually change your diet for the long term. Don't think of dieting as just losing the weight, think of it as a lifestyle change that will lead you being slimmer and happier.

The Scarsdale Diet not only helps you lose the weight in the first place but also gives you a realistic way of preventing you from putting it back on. By eating the right foods you can remove the urges for junk food and sugary snacks, not only while you diet but for the rest of your life.

Weight loss can be enjoyable, you can feel good about not eating this or that – but only if you know why it's bad for you and how it will make you put on weight. Recognising and avoiding the wrong foods can be very rewarding, read about good and bad carbs to find out more.