Scarsdale Diet Criticisms

Here's a list of common criticisms of the Scarsdale Diet

  • the weight lost is mainly water and is quickly regained when the diet is finished
  • 1,200 calories per day is not enough
  • it's not sustainable
  • it's unhealthy

Weight Lost is Mainly Water and/or Will be Regained Quickly

During the Scarsdale Diet you can drink as much water as you like, there are no restrictions. If you only do the Scarsale Diet for two weeks and then go back to your 'normal' diet then this is probably true. After the two week diet phase comes the Keep Trim Phase where more foods are allowed, this is designed to 'lock in' the weight lost to ensure it doesn't return.

1,200 Calories Is Not Enough

1,200 calories per day is quite a small amout (2,500/day is considered 'normal' for men, 2,000/day for women). The Scardale Diet is designed to temporarily induce ketosis, temporarily! The diet phase should not last longer than two weeks.

It's Not Sustainable

No it's not, nor is it supposed to be. The book details how if it were continous it would not be effective as your body would become accustomed to the regimen and ketosis would be less likely to occur. This is why there is the two weeks on, two weeks off cycle.

It's Unhealthy

It was designed by a doctor however this diet may not be suitable for your personal circumstances. YOU SHOULD CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE UNDERTAKING IT to ensure it's suitable for you. Is the 'normal' diet that lead to weight gain in the first place healthy? Probably not.